• BITCOIN 956.436 13:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1403.700 13:00 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 12:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1404.860 12:00 26.03
  • TADAWUL 6874.880 11:20 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 11:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1409.990 11:00 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 10:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1409.990 10:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3463.090 10:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3463.090 09:30 26.03
  • KUWAIT 7033.250 09:20 26.03
  • BITCOIN 953.319 09:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1408.570 09:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3458.140 09:00 26.03
  • TADAWUL 6888.660 09:00 26.03


EUR/USD: The Euro and The U.S Dollar

The EUR/USD currency cross (with the Euro as the base currency and the U.S. Dollar as the quote currency) is also considered a major cross pairing two ‘reserve’ currencies, the Euro considered the second largest of the reserve currencies. The EUR/USD pair is not only traded more than any other cross, it is also the ‘youngest’ of the major currency pairs.

The Euro is under the control and administration of the ECB (European Central Bank) which sits in Brussels and as such, sets the monetary policy of the Euro. It is also the exclusive currency of the Eurozone’s 18 member states, which have a population exceeding 341 Million. EU Member States:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

History of the Euro & the European Union

A political and economic merger of European Sovereign Nations, The European (EU) was officially formed when the Maastricht Treaty was signed on February 7, 1992. The Monetary Union is comprised of 18 member nations and was established in 1999. The Euro became an ‘accounting currency’ on New Year’s Day, 1999 and the banknotes and coins were put into circulation on New Year’s Day, 2002. Since the end of 2002, the Euro has traded in value above the U.S. Dollar.

The Eurozone Economy

Considered a single market economy, the European Union has the highest GDP in the world, with over $18 Trillion, surpassing the US, China and Japan as the largest economy. 161 of the Fortune Global 500 are headquartered in the EU. Estimated at 30% of the Global wealth, the EU holds the largest net wealth.

Factors Affecting the EUR/USD currency pair

The highest level of trading of the EUR/USD occurs during the British Open and the New York Open. Similar to the GBP, in that it is a highly liquid currency cross pairing two of the largest economies, and reserve currencies, a variety of domestic and international economic factors come into play when considering the foreign exchange and trading this currency.

Due to the fact that the Euro has over 18 Countries which use the currency as their official currency, the economic factors of each country play a major role in price fluctuations. The EU Member countries with GDP’s (gross domestic product) have a greater impact on the value of the Euro. Other factors contributing to or impacting the value of the Euro are employment (or unemployment), trade balance, and inflation. Rising and falling commodity prices also have a direct correlation.

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