• AUD/CAD 0.98474 00:40 17.01
  • NZD/JPY 80.993 00:30 17.01
  • EUR/AUD 1.41866 00:30 17.01
  • AUD/JPY 85.230 00:30 17.01
  • GBP/JPY 137.332 00:30 17.01
  • NZD/USD 0.71089 00:30 17.01
  • EUR/USD 1.06125 00:30 17.01
  • EUR/JPY 120.915 00:30 17.01
  • AUD/USD 0.74807 00:30 17.01
  • USD/JPY 113.934 00:30 17.01
  • AUD/CAD 0.98456 00:20 17.01
  • BitCoin/CNY 5683.375 00:00 17.01
  • NZD/JPY 81.045 00:00 17.01
  • EUR/AUD 1.41903 00:00 17.01
  • AUD/NZD 1.05253 00:00 17.01
  • CAD/JPY 86.644 00:00 17.01
  • AUD/JPY 85.298 00:00 17.01
  • GBP/JPY 137.460 00:00 17.01
  • NZD/USD 0.70989 00:00 17.01
  • EUR/USD 1.06025 00:00 17.01
  • EUR/JPY 121.045 00:00 17.01
  • AUD/USD 0.74717 00:00 17.01
  • USD/JPY 114.166 00:00 17.01

Dealing Room


A dealing room refers to an institution’s trading room (or dealing desk). The ‘dealing room’ is where the corporate day traders sit, investing and trading the firm’s assets on a daily basis. The term is usually found when Forex Brokers or Binary Options are discussed, regarding currency, stocks, indices and commodities trading. Some companies state that they have no dealing desks and that they are not trading against their investors.

Let Our Dealing Room Trade with You

Maybe you do or don’t have time to trade. Maybe you do or don’t know how to trade – either way, Excellent! You have the option to allow our expert dealing room brokers to assist you in managing and trading your capital.

With our market insight and our extensive history of creating wealth for our investors our Retail Dealing Room Operation has been custom tailored with you in mind. Their first step is to get to know you; find out what your goals and expectations are.

The second step is to then develop, based on your goals, a world-class wealth creation strategy; this includes short-term trading plans, risk and money management strategies, and an overall financial plan specific to your requirements and goals.

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If you are interested in learning to trade, our education and training will provide a thorough understanding of trade execution – stop losses, profit limits, risk management and money management strategies, and much more. We have an extensive collection of tools and trading strategies to give you a winning edge in the market. Let our many years of trading excellence work with you, to assist you in growing your wealth. Open an account today with Binary Corporate. Easy as 1, 2, 3! Register now!


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Binary Options How It Works – A Complete Guide

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