• BITCOIN 956.436 13:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1403.700 13:00 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 12:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1404.860 12:00 26.03
  • TADAWUL 6874.880 11:20 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 11:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1409.990 11:00 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 10:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1409.990 10:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3463.090 10:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3463.090 09:30 26.03
  • KUWAIT 7033.250 09:20 26.03
  • BITCOIN 953.319 09:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1408.570 09:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3458.140 09:00 26.03
  • TADAWUL 6888.660 09:00 26.03

Compliance Documents

Safeguarding Your Funds

CFD Corporate adheres to the industry’s strictest security measures to ensure client funds safety and integrity. Part of our security protocol involves employing rigorous identification processes for the prevention of money laundering and online trading fraud.

As a part of our account verification procedures, you are required to provide the following documents with your first deposit:

Proof of Identification – a clear and up-to-date copy or scan of one of the following:

National I.D, Passport, or Driver’s License. This must include: your full name, date of birth, a clear picture, and an expiration date.

Proof of Residence – a clear and valid utility bill up to 3 months old. It can be one of the following: gas, phone, water or electricity. If you don’t have a valid utility bill, you can provide us with a bank/credit card statement instead. This must include your residential address and your full name.

Copy of Credit Card (needed only if your deposit was made by Credit Card) – a clear front and back copy of the credit card used to fund your account, showing your name, last four digits of your credit card number and signature on the back. For your privacy, make sure to cross out any other details appearing on your card.

Declaration of Deposit – a document signed by you, declaring you are the one who deposited the funds into your account. This must include: your name, deposit amount, date, four last digits of the card used and the currency of the transaction.

You can scan your documents and send them via email to: Compliance@bctrade.co

Please contact our compliance department at Compliance@bctrade.co, should you have any additional questions or encounter any problems with providing the documentation.

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