• BITCOIN 956.436 12:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1404.860 12:00 26.03
  • TADAWUL 6874.880 11:20 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 11:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1409.990 11:00 26.03
  • BITCOIN 956.436 10:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1409.990 10:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3463.090 10:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3463.090 09:30 26.03
  • KUWAIT 7033.250 09:20 26.03
  • BITCOIN 953.319 09:00 26.03
  • TEL AVIV 35 1408.570 09:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3458.140 09:00 26.03
  • TADAWUL 6888.660 09:00 26.03
  • DUBAI 3459.430 08:30 26.03
  • BITCOIN 952.084 08:00 26.03

Core Values

Core Values – The CFD Corporate Advantage

“Although our platform, technology, and trading methods are constantly evolving, Our Core Values remain the same!” – CFD Corporate

At the center of our values is our firm commitment to provide you with customer service excellence.

We achieve this through:

– Building Trusting Relationships with You, Our Clients and Partners
– Unparalleled Personal Service – Complete Customer Satisfaction
– Continual and Perpetual Development, Strengthening and Improvement
– To perpetually improve our processes, our platforms and the quality of our people through the implementation of more efficient and superior ways of doing things

Security of Funds

Security, Precision, Reliability, and Performance for CFD Corporate is a function of Operational Excellence. Our primary core value is to provide you and all of our clients with the safest and most profitable trading experience available anywhere in the world; to continuously develop the talent of our human resource.

Our FX/CFD Platform and web servers have redundant backbone pathways located in world-class, secure data centers. your capital assets are placed in your own individual account. You control your account, and to ensure that our liabilities are limited, funds are used only for your trading purposes, only through our platforms, and only upon your trade execution and / or recorded instructions. Your capital assets are not being used for any other cause.

Once used, your credit card numbers and details are immediately removed from our servers; our website(s) use military grade encryption to secure all connections. Payment of winning trades is guaranteed* (please read terms and conditions, legal statement, disclaimer and all other information relating to your account). Click here to see Security.

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